Tiny Assorted Grinders 25mm

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Presenting the new premium Line of Tiny Grinders, the Ultimate Tiny grinder Inspired by the Daily traveling smoker. Are you looking for a premium grinder that is small and convenient for portability? Then Look no further because with this Tiny grinder you'll be able to fit it anywhere, I mean literally anywhere. With the size at 25mm, these Tiny Assorted Grinders would be considered the smallest functional tobacco grinders in the world.

Furthermore, these Tiny Assorted Grinders where precisely machined on computerized CNC machines to create the perfect tiniest grinders that work just like the bigger versions. In Addition to the Size, these shiny looking tobacco grinders have 24 mini sharp shredding teeth that shred your tobacco to the best quality.

You'll Never have to worry about spilling your tobacco because these Tiny Assorted Grinders  come with a Powerful Neodymium magnet that keeps the top lid securely closed to avoid accidents. Also, the Textured sides on the lid give the best slide free grip when grinding your tobaccos. With Lightweight in mind, portability will be an extra benefit that the end user will enjoy. With  Reliability as a priority, each and every grinder was made tough to last forever.

With these Tiny Assorted Grinders at 25mm in size, they would be considered the smallest functional metal tobacco Grinder in the world giving you the best of portability that there is to offer.