Sugar Skull Aluminum Grinders

Brand: Smoknfly

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These solid Sugar Skull Aluminum Grinders are an incredible tool that have been designed to effortlessly shred and grind your favourite tobacco into a fluffy, manageable consistency. Also, these grinders have three separate compartments that all screw together seamlessly to create a tight smooth seal when in use.

These Sugar Skull Aluminum Grinders are engineered with diamond-shaped teeth that have been perfectly positioned to make grinding extremely easy. Furthermore, The grinder is easy to use and even comes with a nylon friction ring to make grinding even smoother and easier. The pollen screen sifts and filters pollen into the bottom compartment, which is designed for saving that precious kief.

Furthermore, these uniquely created Sugar Skull Metal Grinders have a magnetic Lid that prevents an accident like your precious tobacco from falling out. In addition, you also get a handy plastic scraping tool to scrape out the kief from the bottom compartment.   Measuring 4.5 cm / 1.8 inches in height, with a 5 cm / 2 inch diameter, this ultra portable grinder is the perfect portable accessory for all occasions. This metal grinder is available in a wide selection of colors. Please select the color of your preference from the available options in the drop-down menu when you order.



These grinders are made from durable Aluminum and all come decorated with Day Of The Dead Skull theme with a mix of designs that make them so attracting that you're going to want to get one for yourself.