Straight Tube bong 8"

Brand: Smoknfly

Product Code: B4-ST/DB

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Looking for an affordable great piece that hits hard this Straight Tube bong could be the Missing piece you're looking for. The tube style will get massive rips delivered directly to you, with the stellar functionality that SmoknFly is known for.

At a steal price, this Sleek and Simple Straight Tube bong is a easy decision.Fortunately for your health, this Sleek and Simple Straight Tube features excellent percolation, with a 18mm to 14mm diffused downstem. With more percolation comes more filtration, enhancing your smoking experience.

this water pipe also comes with   An ice pinch at the top could give your hits a chilly flare, perfect for passing between friends or a quick solo sesh at midnight.  



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