Tsunami Glass Pipe 4.5"

Brand: Smoknfly

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First of all this amazing looking Tsunami Glass Pipe of varying colors ripple across throughout the high-quality borosilicate glass frame while presenting a more secure hold. You can easily get lost inside the colored hypnotic of yellow, white and blue waves.

In Addition, with the size of 4,5" inches in length, the shape is a great use as an inconspicuous hand pipe. With the added bulge perc at the end of the mouthpiece, it is destined for the end consumer to enjoy a more comfortable smoking break.

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  • Tsunami Glass Pipe
  • Double Blown
  • Left Carb Perc
  • Color: Variety
  • Size: 4.5”
  • American Glass
  • Smoknfly Glass
  • Glass Pipes
  • Thick Construction
  • Smoking Bowl
  • Thick Borosilicate Material
  • Glass Pipes
  • Smoknfly