Frosted Joint Quartz Banger Nail/s 10mm 14mm 18mm

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Whether you're a concentrate connoisseur or new to the game, trying a quartz banger for the first time will change everything about how you smoke your legal essential oils. Quartz allows you to experience the full and subtle flavors of your concentrate so you always a more tasty smoking session. Different from the other Quartz Bangers, these here have a frosted tip that allow better sealing to avoid any Vapor from escaping.

In Addition, the way that the body was made is for keeping any heat away  from your glass Rig to avoid any premature Cracking and in any way shape or form ruining your glass piece. The impressive 4mm and 6mm Frosted Joint Quartz Banger Nail/s  thickness also allows for peace of mind - the thick walls of the banger allow for decreased chance of any cracking or breakage.

These Frosted Joint Quartz Banger Nail/s thick domeless quartz banger nail is a concentrate accessory that provides several benefits over a standard glass nail. The banger design is available in your choice of joint size (10mm, 14mm, or 18mm) and joint gender (male or female). The nail uses an open dish where you place your concentrates. This domeless Frosted Joint Quartz Banger Nail/s are made of high quality quartz and is a great additional accessory for your dab rig.


  • Quartz Nail
  • 4mm & 6mm Thick
  • Banger Nail
  • Choose 10mm, 14mm, Or 18mm
  • Choose Male Or Female
  • Domeless Quartz Nail
  • Helps Extend The Life Of Your Rig
  • High Quality Quartz
  • Frosted Tip for Better sealing
  • Material: Quartz

Not like the Other quartz Banger these Frosted Joint Quartz Banger Nail/s are different. They come with a frosted joint that seals perfect so no Vapor excites during your smoking session and also was built from thick quartz to give you peace of mind.