Quadruple Latter Dab Rig

Brand: Nucleus


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Quadruple Latter Dab Rig

You hit the gold mine with this Quadruple Latter Dab Rig.

Family and Freinds are over at your house, all positive vibes surround the entire house. As you and the group sit there chilling in the sesh room, the dome nail finishes heating up and ready to go. You grab this nice Quadruple Latter dabbing Rig and you start to pour in your legal concentrate (oil, wax or shatter) which will start to evaporate into the bottom chamber as you inhale. The smoke visually flows through the 1st sprinkler perc and up into the honeycomb perc as the upper chamber fogs with smoke. You then start to take a stronger hit pushing the smoke upwards through the Latter tubes into the rounded chamber. Here, you will start to taste the flavor of your legal concentrate as it passes through the comfortably sealed flared mouthpiece. This sesh has you feeling 100.

Quadruple Latter Dab Rig Features & Percs

  • 19.5 inches in height (it's super tall)
  • Dab Rig made by Nucleus 
  • Free 18mm Dome And Nail Included
  • The rig comes with 6 percolators, 1 Sprinkler Percolator, one Honeycomb Percolator and 4 Latter Percolators 
  •  the glass base is 4.5 inches wide for the best steadiness
  • has a 45 degree angle joint that fits a female Dome & nail
  • Blue Flared Mouthpiece
  • Available in blue color
  • Clear Glass
  • Smoke flows through 9 chambers, the stem chamber, bottom chamber, lower mid chamber, 4 later chambers, Sphere chamber, and ending in the straight tube Mouthpiece chamber.

Always enjoy a quality sesh, Cheers everyone.