Plus Puff CO Vaporizer

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Plus Puff CO Vaporizer Features & Percs

  • By far, this 5 inches Dabbing Pen is the best vaporizer for your legal concentrates. As the dab Award-winning vape by many connoisseurs, Puff CO PLus will be the only Dab pen you will need.
  • Includes Super Charger for Quick recharging (Little to no Downtime)
  • Comes with Cotton Swabs to help make the cleaning process easier and faster. 
  • All 3 Heat Settings offer small to big hits, the lowest temperature is more for the warm-up sesh, Medium Temp is for the consistent puff,  and last but most effective, High heat mode.
  • One feature that no other dabbing vape pen has that this one does is the Sesh-Mode Functionality. It's an exclusive function to the Plus Puff CO Vaporizer that consists of 12 micro heating intervals to keep the quad coil heated for a continues personal or group sesh.
  • The Coil-Less Ceramic Bowl was created to burn your Legal Concentrates evenly making sure all your materials are consumed.  
  • With its Multi-use mouthpiece, you can use it as the mouthpiece of course and as the dabbing tool for your Concentrates 
  • It's quality over quantity, these PUFF CO Plus Vape Pens were built with alloy and Gun Metal Finish. The material used is one of the best if not the best durable materials any dab Vape can have.
  • Hate Oily fingerprints, no worries, the coating used for this pen is fingerprint proof. No more nasty fingerprints.
  • Vape Kit comes with all you need
  • Direct Draw Vaporizer
  • Analog Vaporizer
  • All nine pieces used to build this Vaporizer by Puffco have satisfied over 2900 customers and growing rapidly. 

If you're going to spend Time and Money, Spend it on something that's worth the personal Investment. Cheers Everyone.

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