Orange Spotted Spoon Pipe w/ 3D Sunflower Perc 4.5"

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First of all, these Orange Spotted Spoon Pipe/s  have been carefully designed using an intricate 3D Sunflower design. With three sunflower color options to choose from, you will have something to sort through to make sure you get the perfect glass hand pipe. Each one of these spoon pipes measure at 4.5 inches in length and comes equipped with a carb on the left hand side of the smoking bowl. In addition to the left carb perc, the end user will have a better controlled pass through gaging hit.

Made of high quality borosilicate, these Glass Pipes are double blown which means that it's very thick for longer durability. Furthermore, with this complicated 3D sunflower Design these glass pieces were individually hand-blown by very talented artists within the european community. Therefore, a lot of work and time went into making these astonishing Orange Spotted Hand Spoon pipes. So to top it of, these solid affordable pipes also come with its very own single bulge mouthpiece to give you as our member a more comfortable smoking session.

Exclusively available only at your favorite online heashop, Smoknfly.


You can never go wrong with a beautiful detailed Orange Spotted Spoon Pipe with a 3D Sunflower Perc  at 4.5" Inches long. With three Sunflower color variations to choose from, the choice is yours so make the right one because you'll be spending lots of time with it.