Mini Hammer Style Bubbler with Colored Accents

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Product Code: BB25.88-BK

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Grav Labs Bubbler
Available In Your Choice Of Color
Branded Glass
Clear Glass
Colored Glass
Frosted Glass
Grav Labs Mini Bubbler
Hammer Style Design
Scientific Glass
X-Cut Diffused Downstem
Clear Glass
Colored Glass
Deep Bowl
Fixed Downstem
Thick Glass
Frosted Glass

Gorgeously colored bubbler will memorize you! Unique design will stun you. Color looks magical with hints of the night sky and the ocean to make a dramatic look. Each pipe is hand made by a local artist with love and passion. As each item is made, it is a work of art and no 2 items will be the same, basically making your item one of a kind. As no one item is the same, colors may slightly vary.