Matrix Perc Faberge Egg

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Product Code: DS-EGG-GBOWL

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14mm female
Smoknfly Bong
12" Height
3" Diameter Base
Angled Neck
Clear Glass
Faberge Egg Water Pipe
Features 14mm Female Joint
Includes 14mm Male Bowl
Matrix Perc
Scientific Glass
Thick Glass
Thick Rounded Base
Bent Neck
Clear Glass
Fab Egg
Female Joint
14mm Joint
Maria Rings
Flared Mouthpiece
Matrix Perc
Swiss Perc
Scientific Glass
Thick Glass

The Water Pipe has some great features built-in that make the smoking experience smooth and easy. percolators are some of the most sought after and wanted percs, as their intricate shapes with multiple slits cool down the smoke to an excellent degree. The water and smoke are then worked through the water pipe, As the water and smoke are moved throughout, water bubbles will form and burst near the neck. This helps retain as much of the taste as possible. Together, the combination of the perc and recycler structure make this a delicious and smooth smoking session. Check out our wide selection of quality bubblers, bongs and hand pipes, smoking Accessories available to order at, your favorite online head shop. Cheers!!