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About Lifter

From the Breeders at Oregon, Lifter is a CBD Hemp flower that comes from 2 potent Hemp strains called Suver Haze #50 x Early Resin Berry. These Puffy Nugs have a funky cheesy smell with hints of sweet, fuel and lemon. Visually, these chunky buds range from small to medium in size but are dense with high potency. This Hemp Flower Bud is quite unique in the world of CBD flower with it's higher quality content. Users can expect a gentle mental focus and energetic with ongoing body relaxation that eases to remove aches.

Info & Genetics :  Cherry Blossom ( Indica Hybrid Dominate).

Premium Bud Potency: 

  • CBD - 23.04%
  • Delta 9 THC - <0.3
  • Total Cannabinoids = 24.5%
Effects: Relaxed, Euphoric, Uplifted, Creative, Happy, Mental Clarity and Focus
Common Uses: Aching, Mood Enhancement, Stress, Inflammation, Depression, Pain, and Muscle Cramps.
Flavors & Smell Scents of Earthy, Woody, Diesal, Cheese, Lemon, and Sweet Aroma

Soil enriched with a spectrum of nutrient-dense, biologically active fertilizers, liquid monatomic minerals. Zero pesticides, Zero Synthetics.


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