Green Spotted Spoon Pipe w/ 3D Sunflower Perc 4.5"

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These Green Spotted Spoon Pipe/s from Europe are made from high-quality Green borosilicate glass with white spotted Accents. A detailed 3D Sunflower Perc is located at the end of the smoking bowl to provide an accented look so it stands out within your collection every time. In addition to the Glass Smoking bowl, there is a Carb perc located to the left to provide a more controlled  and enjoyable smoking session.

Because of the Shiny solid color on the exterior, these Glass Hand Pipes are always going be looking fresh at its best. So whether you decide to clean the Glass Pipes or not it's all good but we highly recommend to get them cleaned out.

Nevertheless, these beautifully hand blown Green Spotted Spoon Pipe/s have a bulged perc at the end of the mouthpiece that offer the perfect fit for any anyone. Because each piece is individually handmade by glass artists in the European Community, the spoon pipe you receive will always be one-of-a-kind. The exact pattern and shape may vary slightly from the pipe in the photo but the design will be the same.

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These beautifully Green Spotted Spoon Pipe/s come with 3 percs, a 3d Sunflower perc, Single Bulge Perc and a left Carb perc for the best smoking experience. With 3 variations available, you will find the best design to suit your needs for a good smoking brake.