Green Dichro Glass Spoon Pipe 5"

Brand: Smoknfly

Product Code: D1-5/1

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This Green Dichro Glass Spoon Pipe is very unique with its own design that was handcrafted patiently by our professional Glass Artisans. The head of the pipe is Colored Clear Green which will let you see how your bowl looks being nicely packed from your favorite tobacco. Also , there's a well known perc called the Carb perc that comes with this Dry tobacco Smoking Hand pipe that allows a more eased gauging inhale for easier puffs.

Furthermore, the design of these glass pipes were built around a technique called fumed that glass blowers use which allows the Glass Hand Pipe to Change color the more its used. In addition to its design, there's also two more designs which are the white inner chain links and the dichroic stripe that gives these pipes a more detailed artesian look.

If you see in the product images there's also a double Bulge perc that gives Green Dichro Glass Spoon Pipe/s 2 benefits. One, the bulge perc at the neck of the chamber provides a more secure grasp with its added grip. Two, there's a Bulge mouthpiece perc that gives our customers a more comfortable and sealed fit that will prevent any smoke from exiting the smoke chamber.



  • Size:5"
  • Design: Dichro
  • Smoknfly Spoon
  • Double Blown
  • Double Bulge Perc
  • Mouthpiece Perc
  • Left Carb Perc
  • UnBranded
  • Intricate Coloring
  • Thick Construction
  • American Glass
  • Deep Bowl
  • Dichroic Glass
  • Thick Glass
  • Dichro Pipes
  • SmoknFly Headshop

This Green Dichro Glass Spoon Pipe comes with 3 percs and a thick chamber that complete your search for the perfect Glass Hand Pipe. You get a bulge perc at the neck of the chamber that gives you extra grip and also a mouthpiece perc that adds the perfect fit that will seal any smoke from existing during your smoking session.