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About Boax

From the makers in Colorado, this strain has a genetic mix of both a Hybrid and Indica, making this Boax CBD hemp strain a top choice for both daily and nightly users. Many of Customer Patients have come to use this strain for a little bit of everything starting from Pain all the way to a mood enhancer. When opened from its packaging you will get a scent of Earthy Piney but Flowery Smell. On the highest CBD Potency, Boax will have you Mindfully Mellow in a matter of 2 to 3 bowls. Cheers.

Info & Genetics :  Otto 2 (Hybrid) + Hindu Kush (Indica)

Bud Potency: 

Mid-Grade : CBD - 15% | Delta 9 THC - <0.3 | Total Cannabinoids = 18%
    Effects: Relaxing, Happy, Mellow, Chill, and Anti-Pain
    Common Uses: Aches and Pain, Mood Enhancement, Stress, Inflammation, Depression.
    Flavors & Smell Scents of Earthy, Sweet, Flowery, with a bit of Piney

    Soil enriched with a spectrum of nutrient-dense, biologically active fertilizers, liquid monatomic minerals. Zero pesticides, Zero Synthetics.


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