4.5" Black & White Glass Pipe

Brand: Smoknfly

Product Code: D3-65

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These Black & White Glass Spiral Spoon Pipes design has a glamour and mystery of a sci-fi epic captured in spoon pipe form. Therefore these glass Spoon pipes is punctuated with its own unique percs adding more of a secure grip. In Addition, this glass pipe is also conveniently compact, measuring in at 4.5” for premium discretion and on the go.

With its nice slick swirl design, these Black & White Glass Spiral Spoon Pipes at 4.5 Inches Long are the next glass pipe that will fit right into your Glass Collection. All you need in a spoon pipe is either a single bulge perc or a double ring perc for the best grip. Here at Smoknfly we offer these two options especially in this style.