Berry Xotic

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About Berry Xotic

This Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain has a genetic cross between Berry Blossom and Valentine X. This new breed of Berry Xotic yields a high potency of CBD making it a perfect strain for Day and night times. Whether you have aching pains or just want to relax, this CBD hemp Flower will suite you best. Kick start your day with its Sativa Effects or chillout with its Indica benefits. Cheers

Info & Genetics :  Berry Blossom + Valentine X (both are Hybrid Strains)

Bud Potency: 

Mid-Grade : CBD - 15% | Delta 9 THC - <0.3 | Total Cannabinoids = 18%
    Effects: Relaxing, Happy, Mellow, Chill, and Anti-Pain
    Common Uses: Aches and Pain, Mood Enhancement, Stress, Inflammation, Depression.
    Flavors & Smell Scents of Earthy, Grassy, Diesal, Sweetness, and Berry

    Soil enriched with a spectrum of nutrient-dense, biologically active fertilizers, liquid monatomic minerals. Zero pesticides, Zero Synthetics.


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