90 angle Inset Honeycomb Perc Ashcatcher

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Product Code: DS90HCAC-14

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14/ 18mm male
Smoknfly Ashcatcher
1.75" Diameter
90 Angle
Clear Glass
Honeycomb Perc
Scientific Glass
Clear Glass
90° Joint
Male Joint
14mm Joint
18mm Joint
Honeycomb Perc
Inset Perc
Scientific Glass

This Ash Catcher is specifically designed to add filtration between your bong and downstem, keeping ash and debris out of your bong water. The ashcatcher is equipped with a built-in downstem and perc that filters the smoke by forcing it through the discs tiny holes, breaking up the smoke into lots of small bubbles and gently cools it down before it even reaches your bong. This results in a cool, clean, super smooth toke that is very easy on the lungs and throat, but still packed with flavor. Check out our wide selection of quality bubblers, bongs and hand pipes, smoking Accessories available to order at Smoknfly.com, your favorite online head shop. Cheers!!