6 Arm Tree Perc Water Pipe with Ice Catcher

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Product Code: WP12-TR4-AM

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14mm female
Smoknfly3.75" Base Diameter
Donut Ice Catcher
4.5" 18 To 14mm Female Lo Pro Removable Diffused Downstem
5mm Thick Glass Tubing With A 9mm Thick Lip
Choice Of Colored Glass Accents
Downstem Holds 14mm Male Joint Items
Features 18mm Female Joint On Water Pipe
Matching 14mm Male Bowl Included
Clear Glass
Colored Glass
Ice Catcher
45° Joint
Female Joint
14mm Joint
Removable Downstem
Tree Perc
Scientific Glass
Thick Glass

This beautifully hand crafted water pipe is made of the finest, high quality borosilicate glass. With several distinctive features this water pipe is definitely one of a kind.looks wicked sick when you smoke through this water pipe. To top it all off with its wonderful smoking experience. Check out our wide selection of quality bubblers, bongs and hand pipes, smoking Accessories available to order at Smoknfly.com, your favorite online head shop. Cheers!!