Round Multi Colored Silicone Stash Container 31mm

Brand: Smoknfly

Product Code: E2-SSC/Grey

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Whatever you need to carry with you, whether it's your medication or recreational, These Multi Colored Silicone Stash  Container/s are Smell Proof Personal tobacco Holder that will seal tight and protect it. Providing excellent storage for tobacco of any type, Ointment creams, and liquid concentrate,

These Multi Colored Silicone Stash Container/s offers a 100% safe storage. It has designed for tight sealing keeping your contents inside and the elements outside above and underwater.These Multi Colored Silicone Stash Container/s allow you to enjoy every bit of your medication. No more wasting liquid, wax, or tobaccos stuck to the sides beacuse with its slippery texture you'll catch every last piece of it.

Our personal tobacco holder offers you the flexibility you need to access every bit of your contents with ease. Although flexible enough to get every bit of tobacco or oil out, These Multi Colored Silicone Stash Container/s are also sturdy enough to hold up to bumps and drops. The tight silicone seal prevents them from spilling which then gives you peace of mind.