2 Piece Mini Acrylic Grinder 50mm

Brand: Smoknfly

Product Code: E4-MAG/Y

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If you're Looking for a grinder that is economic, easy to use and Portable then Look no further. These new 2 Piece Mini Acrylic Grinder are held together with a perfect fitted design which creates a better user experience. In Addition, these 2 Piece Mini Acrylic Grinder /s come with  two added handles at the top and bottom in between the rims that  provide a more comfortable secure grip that will make grinding smooth and easy.

Furthermore, these 2 Piece Mini Acrylic Grinder/s where made out o f high quality acrylic which is transparent that will let you see the full action while grinding your favorite tobacco. Also Combining the perfect shape and Acrylic material you'll have a grinder that will give you more durability.

Furthermore, inside the chamber in between the 2 Acrylic rims there are 39 shark teeth that are very very sharp that give you the best Shredded puffy tobacco to fill any smoking bowl you desire. Lasly with its smooth rotation, you'll always have that extra support that will smoothen the grinding process making it easier to use.

With Portability, quality and Economical in mind, these 2 Piece Mini Acrylic Grinder/s make the best fit within your pocket to take anywhere you go whether it's to a friends house or even to the beach.