• One of the biggest benefits is that you have a bigger selection of pipes to choose from.
  • Instead of jumping from one local headshop to the other you can just find everything within one location.
  • Everyone that shops through our Smoknfly Online Head Shop is always going to find the perfect piece to enjoy and that’s what sets us apart from the Brick and Mortar

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  • Online prices are always competitive and you can price check if your getting the best deal.
  • You’re not going to drive from one place to the other trying to find the best deals.
  • That is why SmoknFly brings everything to one place at the cheapest prices.
  • No physical costs associated with a physical store, such as local advertising, maintenance, cleaning, display cases, etc.

Some major reasons why we can provide lower prices is because:


No Physical Store Costs

Members Save More

Pay Staff To Run The Store

Less Expenses


Quick Delivery Time

 There’s nothing more exciting when you purchase a new item online and the excitement builds up through the shipping process and then once you get the item in the mail it feels like a gift or, Butterfly in your stomach.

  • The Average Delivery time for our Glass Pipes is 3 Business days
  • We Focus on packing and shipping out all orders within a day of placement to ensure a quick and easy delivery.
  • Every single item either small or big are packaged with our very own certified shipping process to protect your package 100%
  • All Packages are shipped in a plain Brown Box with the the shipping label from SNF


3- 5 business Days

Quick Packaging

Secure Packaging

Discreet shipping


Leading Customer Service

Quick & Convenient 

Five Star Customer Support

    1. Our leading Customer Service Team has been through many Training courses to help solve any concern you may have.
    2. You can ask any question you would like, to help finalize your decision on the perfect product for you.
    3. Our mission is to help you from the beginning to end.
    4. With our knowledgeable team members about our Industry, you will not go unserved.


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There is nothing much more easier than shopping online. You don’t have to worry about you local shop restrictions like the store hours, distance, or lengthy process.

When you shop Online You Can:


Shop at any time

Enjoy delivery to your door step

Shop from anywhere

Customise your order and much more


Quality Control

Quality Control

When our members shop through our large variety of Pipes. We make sure that your product arrives at its best conditions.

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You Place Your Order


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