Welcome To The Smoknfly Team

Greetings my smokers here from the Smoknfly team, you’re probably reading this because you want to know a little more about us, so here we go.We are an online headshop with a lot of goals to bring you the best Pieces of glass from the best Glass Artists in the United States and around the globe. Smoknfly was founded back in 2013 by two young entrepreneurs with a Vision of building one of the best online heashops in the industry. So Rubisel and Anthony started Smoknfly from the base at their home Everything was a humble beginning rite from the start working long hours and late at night.

 Till this day we are an online headshop always looking to innovate. So we are always looking to bring the best pieces of glass by hand picking high quality Glass blowing Artists. Here at smoknfly we love to create a fun , stressless and positive environment so we all perform at our best. At the end of the day the ones who strive our business to success are our shopping members and for that reason we are always giving our customers the best value they can get. We love the industry so we like keeping our community of smokers informed on the latest products and news for our industry. We are very aware of what is happening to the industry, because everyday that passes the glass industry is becoming a the new popular method of smoking.

So whether you are looking for the classic gadgets to the newest innovations then we have it. Have a look around at our products catalog, where you’ll be able to find Water Pipes, Hand Pipes, Bubblers, Vaporizers, Smoking Accessories and much more. Keep in the look out because every week we try to bring new styles and products to the table. If you need any help while browsing our smoknfly online headshop please contact us via Live Chat, the fastest way for a response to your questions.

So don’t drink and drive smoknfly. Cheers!!!


A Message From Our CEO:
 -Anthony Lopez
"Back in 2016 my partner and i came together, which lead to an Extraordinary conversation , To an amazing idea, to Putting in, Literally Blood Sweat and TEARS! into the business that is Smoknfly, Who could have believed we could get this far in our industry, Always Dreamed Big and will continue to pave Smoknfly into future success and even world domination, haha Some Day Right?

We believe strongly in our customer  satisfaction so no one leaves unserved.

We strive to bring our members the best selection of glass pipes from all over the World. We have a team that focuses mainly on bringing Artists that have a unique style for glass blowing. We bring the biggest selection of international Glass Pipes to the table, we have it all whether you are looking for expensive or affordable. This is why we have thousands of members that are 100% satisfied with our selection of Glass pipes. We bring big selections in all categories like; Hand Pipes, Water Pipes, Bubblers Vaporizers, Smoking Accessories and more.

Here at smoknfly we are always in the lookout for new niche and unique  smoking products that put a smile on our customers. Our team of experienced team members in the industry will always bring our customers new and improved. Whether you are looking for Hand Pipes, smoking accessories or maybe even an extra perc for your water pipes. This process to us is fun and it’s true what they say “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.”  

We Strive to find the best and most unique Glass  Pieces in the Industry.

Online shopping is really flexible, convenient, easy and safe – there are many  of reasons why more and more people all over the world prefer an online headshop to regular shopping for their smoking needs.

  • Large and Incredible selection of Glass Pieces and special offers.
  • Best product range by the most popular Categories. You can easily find and quickly compare various  items and choose from more than 2,300 products to put together what most suits your exact needs. No queues!
  • The Smoknfly bonus programme offers extra options. This personalised bonus programme is now available in the online headshop as well and allows you to use personal discounts and keep an eye on your shopping, notification settings and the bonus money earned.

Quick and convenient delivery.

  • It is wise to buy more from an online headshop from the comfort of your home instead of driving to the local headshop. With our easy to navigate online headshop  you can find the perfect Piece of glass at the click of your mouse.
  • Browse our online store, order online or call our Friendly Customer Service Department and let us help you along the way. We take our shipping and billing series so we make sure it is discreet and no telling what’s inside your package  or billing.
  • With easy to navigate cart and quick easy add to cart buttons you can add as many of your favorite items and simply sort them out to the ones you really gotta have
  • Carefree and safe shopping experience.

Your money and data are safe in the smoknfly shopping environment. smoknfly.com uses the highest-tech SSL-technology that guarantees safe shopping and data protection.

Convenient return and exchange of your purchases for unsused items in up to 15 days. We will return the money to the bank account of the person who made the purchase.

Quick customer support in English. The fast and friendly service guarantees answers to all questions and solutions to every situation. Our professional customer support team will answer your questions within one Buisness day at the latest.

As an open mind and innovating company we are always looking for new partnerships. If you want to become an affiliate or bring in new ideas or products feel free to email us or contact us Directly