Straight Tube Dab Rigs

Straight Tube Dab Rigs

Straight Tube Dab Rigs still continue to impress the Community with the huge selection of features, Designs, Percolators, and Functions that make the dabbing experience that much more enjoyable. The quickest tips and Guide to help you choose the right Straight Tube Dab Rig.

Tip 1, choose the Material of your straight tube dabbing Rig? With 2 options to choose from, there's a straight tube rig for everyone.

Tip 2, What Percolator would you like? Choose from 6 of the top percolators of this year 2019.

Tip 3, Size options for Straight Tube Dab Rigs? Convenient, Functional, Portable, expensive and Affordable all with the right size.

  • Small Dab Rigs from 6" to 8" are the portable, party, get together, just in case dab rigs.
  • Medium Dab Rigs from 8" to 14" are perfect in Features, Great Prices, and Quality. If you're ready for the last level, you will not be disappointed.

Apart from everything, about to smoknfly CHEERS!

Straight Tube Dab Rigs

Honeycomb  Zong Dab Rig
  Honeycomb Zong Dab Rig The only bong with curves, you already know what's about to happen. Picture the spot...
8" Venturi Chamber Bong with Removable Downstem
Joint Size: 14mm female Height: 8 inches Nucleus Bong 3" 18mm To 14mm Downstem Includes 14mm Male Bowl...
Nano Puck Dab Rig with Inline Barrel Perc
Joint Size: 14mm male Height: 7 inches Smoknfly Dab Rig 14mm Female Dome And Nail Included Base Width:...
Three Piece Bong with Removable Downstems
Joint Size: 18mm female Height: 13 inches Smoknfly Bong Base Width: 3.5" Includes 18mm Male Bowl 6 Parts...
Double Matrix to Honeycomb Bong w/ Ice Catcher
Joint Size: 18mm female Height: 14.5 inches Smoknfly Bong Color Accents Includes 18mm Male Bowl Clear Glass Matrix...
Fabosphere Swiss to Matrix Perc Bong
Joint Size: 14mm female Height: 9.5 inches Smoknfly Bong Includes 14mm Male Bowl Base Width: 4" Clear Glass...
Slit Showerhead Perc Water Pipe
Joint Size: 18mm female Height: 8 inches Smoknfly Bong Bent Neck Clear Glass Female Joint 18mm Joint Flared...
The Amazing Oil Rig is a powerful oil concentrate Rig constructed from durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass. The bubbler...
Joint: 14mm male Height: 9inches Smoknfly Dab Rig 4" Base Bent Neck Black Lipped Mouthpiece & Base Choose...
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$133.00 $100.00
$172.90 $130.00
$93.10 $70.00
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