Recycler Dab Rigs

Recycler Dab Rigs

also known as Dabbing recyclers have become the new trend in the Dabbing sector. These new types of innovations in the bongs category have taken the function of the classical bong up a level offering a way better smoking session experience with your favorite legal Materials. Here are some quick tips and recommendations to help you pick the rite recycler Dab rig for you or as a gift.

Step 1, Choose Your Recycler Dab Rigs Material?

Step 2, Pick from 6 most common Recycler Dab Rig percolators?

Step 3, Choose your Recycler Dab Rig Size?

  • Small Recycler Rigs from 6" to 8" are the smaller convenient options

  • Medium Recycler Rigs from 8" to 14" are rigs that have the most in value for your money

About to Smoknfly, CHEERS!

Recycler Dab Rigs

11" Barrel Perc Incycler
Joint: 18mm female Height: 11inches Smoknfly Recycler 4" Wide Base Barrel Perc Recycler Bent Neck Clear Glass Dewar's...
Joint: 14mm female Height: 7inches Smoknfly Recycler 4" Diameter Base Bent Neck Clear Glass Dewar's Joint 90° Joint...
Joint: 18mm female Height: 16inches Smoknfly Recycler 13-Arm Tree Perc 3 Rocket-Shaped Showerhead Percs Blue Accented Glass Blue...
Joint: 14mm male Height: 8.5inches Smoknfly Recycler 5mm Thick Glass Bent Neck Choose Bowl, Dome And Nail, Or...
$116.63 $96.29
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