Recycler Bongs

Recycler bongs

also known as recyclers have become the new trend in the water bong sector. These new types of innovations in the bongs category have taken the function of the classical bong to a much better smoking experience for your favorite legal Materials. If you're new to the space, these few steps listed below will help you pick out the best recycle bongs available in the market today.

First, you would need to choose from either our heady glass Recyclers or the classic recycler water bongs.

The main difference from the 2 is going to be the look and price of the piece. Heady Recyclers are the highest in price but the best in appearance, these would be the ones that would go inside the luxury collection because of its artisan design and look. The other option is our classic recyclers which would offer the best Functionality and better price. Most classic recyclers come with an added feature called a percolator (aka perc) that offers a boosted filtration for the smoothest hits.

Second, Choose your water bong recycler with or without a percolator.

If you chose the Heady Recycler Pipe, skip this step otherwise continue. All Percolators have a slight difference in the way they function but nothing too hard to decide on. All the percs available here at smoknfly will provide you with the best smoking experience than any other smoking bong out there which means less harshness and pain to the throat. Here are a few to pick from -> Eight-Arm Chandelier Recycler, The Corkscrew" Inline Perc Recycler, "Twincycler" Dual Chamber Inline Perc Recycler.

Third, Pick the Size of your recycler Bong, this option is mainly on your preference.

Small - Under 8” Inches

Medium - 8 “ - 14”

Large - Over 14”

Just a quick note, If you have any questions in regards to many of our recycler bongs available here please feel free to ask through messenger on the bottom right, we're here to sell but most importantly to help and educate if we can. Thanks

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Recycler Bongs

11" Barrel Perc Incycler
Joint: 18mm female Height: 11inches Smoknfly Recycler 4" Wide Base Barrel Perc Recycler Bent Neck Clear Glass Dewar's...
Joint: 14mm female Height: 7inches Smoknfly Recycler 4" Diameter Base Bent Neck Clear Glass Dewar's Joint 90° Joint...
Joint: 18mm female Height: 16inches Smoknfly Recycler 13-Arm Tree Perc 3 Rocket-Shaped Showerhead Percs Blue Accented Glass Blue...
Joint: 14mm male Height: 8.5inches Smoknfly Recycler 5mm Thick Glass Bent Neck Choose Bowl, Dome And Nail, Or...
$116.63 $96.29
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