Pipes Under $15

Twisting Spiral Glass Hand Pipe 5"
This Twisting Spiral Glass Hand Pipe is made with borosilicate glass, known for its density and resistance to...
Spiral Glass Pipe 4.5"
This spiral Glass pipe takes advantage of the classic shape from a spoon pipe. Which means that at...
Green Spiral Glass Pipe 4"
This Green Spiral glass pipe glass conjoined by a spiral pattern twisting down the pipe makes this a...
Spiral Fumed Chillum
Smoknfly Chillum Colors Vary Clear Glass Colored Glass Fumed Glass Deep Bowl
Fritted Pinch Chillum
Smoknfly Chillum Length: 3" Colors Vary Pinched Tubing Flat Mouthpiece Colored Glass Fumed Glass Deep Bowl Thick Glass...
Sea Foam Dream Chillum
Smoknfly Chillum Swirls Of Aquatic Colors Teal Tubing Flat Mouthpiece Glass Marble On Top Length: 3.5" Colored Glass...
Fumed Chamber Glass Pipe 4.5″
This inside out Fumed Chamber Glass Pipe is made from high-quality borosilicate for better durability. In addition, it...
Blue Stripe Glass Pipe 4"
This Blue Stripe Glass Pipe are defined by their bold thick ribbons of a dynamic blue and white...
Orange Glass Pipe 5″
This orange spiral pipe is the perfect size to slip in your pocket and take anywhere, the shape...
Green Spiral Glass Pipe 4.5"
This pipe is the rite glass bowl if you are looking for something of a green color Glass...
Dichro Glass Pipe 4.5"
This 4.5” Dichro Glass Pipe has both the fritted and Dichroic Theme. Therefore, the end user of this...
4.5" Black & White Glass Pipe
These Black & White Glass Spiral Spoon Pipes design has a glamour and mystery of a sci-fi epic captured...
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