Honeycomb Zong Dab Rig

Brand: Smoknfly

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Honeycomb Zong Dab Rig

The only bong with curves, you already know what's about to happen. Picture the spot you've always wanted to sesh at. The setup is ready, you've heated the dome nail of this Honeycomb Zong Dab Rig at the right temperature and water in the chamber ready to go. As your Legal Dab is poured into the dome nail, you start inhaling causing the concentrated vapor to start flowing through the Attached Stemless L and into the main chamber. The attached Honeycomb perc starts the filtrating process causing bubbles to form and pop. As it reached the flared mouthpiece tube, you take a rip that follows with a hit full of flavor and effectiveness.

Honeycomb Zong Dab Rig Features & Percs

  • 8" inches tall
  • 3mm thick glass
  • frosted 10mm male Joint size
  • Includes one honeycomb perc
  • Single Chamber Dab Rig
  • Attached Stemless L
  • Single Ring Mouthpiece for Comfortable positioning
  • Green Color Available
  • FREE Female Dome and Nail
  • Zong Design
  • Flat Steady Base
  • Made from Borosilicate Heat Resistant Glass 

Happy Sesh and Positive Vibes Everyone, Cheers.