Heady Bongs

Heady Bongs

are one of the most amazing artistic Water Pipe designs in the market rite now. You will not find anything else that will be as unique as a heady pipe that was made from a skilled glass artist with years of experience behind him/her  Even though heady glass is the most expensive in bongs, it's well worth the long term investment for the collection.

2 simple steps to help you choose the best heady Bong.

First, comes the theme your heady bong will be?

There are many themes to choose from, weather you like Animals, Insects or fiction themes, there’s a  heady bong for everyone. Once you browser our heady bongs collection, you will be able to tell how easy it will be to pick out the theme.

Lastly, Pick  the artist (Brand) that you see have the best designs and themes.

Many glass artists have different styles of creating their themed bongs but they all distinguish themselves in a unique way individually. Some options include Empire Glass Works, Mathematix, Chameleon and many more.

Heady Bongs

The Amazing Oil Rig is a powerful oil concentrate Rig constructed from durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass. The bubbler...
Joint: 18mm female Height: 16inches Smoknfly Recycler 13-Arm Tree Perc 3 Rocket-Shaped Showerhead Percs Blue Accented Glass Blue...
Mini Matrix Perc Faberge Egg Bong
Three Piece Bong with Removable Downstems
Joint Size: 18mm female Height: 13 inches Smoknfly Bong Base Width: 3.5" Includes 18mm Male Bowl 6 Parts...
Fabosphere Swiss to Matrix Perc Bong
Joint Size: 14mm female Height: 9.5 inches Smoknfly Bong Includes 14mm Male Bowl Base Width: 4" Clear Glass...
Joint: 14mm female Height: 10inches Smoknfly Bong 14mm Female Joint 14mm Male Bowl Included Colored Showerhead Circ Perc...
$132.99 $99.99
$172.89 $129.99
$172.90 $130.00
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