Hand Pipes

Hand Pipes

The Traditional way of smoking on your legal herbs. Why choose a hand pipe over bongs and Vapes? 

First, you can choose from

Spoon Pipes features include portability, Flavor, Most effect and Many Designs to choose from.

Sherlocks are stylish, keep fire away, provide original Taste and Higher Effects, Steamrollers,

Chillums best small pipe for flavor, portability, Higher Effects, easy to clean and quicker sesh

Themed & Novelty Pipes features include Original Flavor of your Legal Herbs, best eye-catching designs, big bowl, Better Effect, and Stealthy 

Steamrollers pack the best punch, most flavor and big Bowls


Hand Pipes

Hawaiian Glass Pipe 5"
Get super spacey with this ultra rare glass pipe that comes in 4 different Variations! Measuring 5" in...
Green Spiral Glass Pipe 4"
This Green Spiral glass pipe glass conjoined by a spiral pattern twisting down the pipe makes this a...
Tube Wrapped Glass Pipe 4.5"
The Tube Wrapped Glass is very nice and thick, allowing you to get a nice grip whilst smoking...
Wavy Glass Pipe 4.5"
This pipe features a powerful visual Wavy going all over the Pipe. This is a reversible design and...
Gandalf Sherlock Pipe 8"
Great deal for a 8 inch gandalf Sherlock pipe. This Pipe has anti roll beads at the bottom...
4" Fumed Hand Glass Pipe
Made of thick and heavy glass. It is fumed, meaning the more you smoke the more the clear...
Meteor Glass Pipe 4"
purchasing this pipe will be like buying a unique piece of art. Gorgeous Ocean aquatic designed Meteor Holes...
4.5" Green Pebble Glass Pipe
This Green Pebble pipe has a Beautifully hand crafted Green Pebble color changing glass Pebbles around the neck...
Liquid Spiral Pipe 5.5"
Get lost in a neon variety electric Pipe daydream with one of these 5.5” Liquid Spiral Pipe. The...
5" Yellow Marble Glass Pipe
Just simply beautiful. This glass pipe is fritted throughout with a Yellow color around the neck. enhanced look...
4" Zebra Stripped Glass Pipe
This Zebra stripped Glass pipe is strong, Thick lines of Zebra-inspired color get swept up in currents of...
Fat Inside Out Glass Pipe 4"
this Fat Inside Out Glass Pipe is Designed with Multi colored inside out Designs for maximum beauty and...
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