Bowls & Downstems

Bowls & Downstems

like everyone knows, a bowl with downstem is the necessary part to a water bong or Dab Rig even if its glass, silicone or any other type of material. 

Bowls come in many designs (aka themes), 3 sizes and female or male joint.

Quality & Variety Design Options

Female and Male Bowls & Downstems  with 10mm, 14mm, 18mm joint sizes

Bowls and Downstems are all about the SESH,

Cheers Everyone


Bowls & Downstems

Joint: 14/ 18mm male Height: 8inches Grav Labs Ashcatcher 1.5" Diameter 45 Angle Available In 14mm Or 18mm...
Piranha Plant Dome Female Joint
Joint: 14/ 18mm male Empire Glassworks Glass Bowl 14mm Or 18mm Male Bowl Beautiful Owl Design Built In...
Piranha Plant Slide Male Joint
Joint: 14/ 18mm female Empire Glassworks Glass Dome Branded Glass Made In The USA Replacement Glass Dome American...
18mm to 18mm Diffused Downstem
Joint: 18mm male Smoknfly Downstem Standard Clear Glass Diffuser 18mm Male To 18mm Female Joint Glass Diffy 6-Cut...
18mm to 14mm Diffused Downstem
Joint: 18mm male Smoknfly Downstem 18mm To 14mm Female Joint Available In Multiple Lengths Clear Glass Downstem Standard...
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$19.95 $15.00
$13.30 $10.00
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