Bongs and Water Pipes

Bongs and Water Pipes??

Bongs are mainly used in 2 ways, first, they are used as a functional product for a better smoking experience and second, as a valuable collectible. If you Notice, during a smoke sesh when you inhale the smoke, you get a harsh burn within the throat, here's where Water Bongs play the big role of cooling down the smoke with some added cold Water and it's perc (if bong has one) also known as a percolator.
Bongs and Water Pipes can come in a wide variety of Materials, Designs, Percs, Sizes, and Deals:

5 Bong Materials to choose from

All of the water pipes and bongs for sale are made from different Materials. The type of material you choose Depends on your preference, so if you like your piece to Stay in one place then the best option is a glass bong without a doubt. Our glass bongs are made from scientific high-quality borosilicate glass with various percolators to ensure excellent filtration. Some other good options are Bamboo, Ceramic and Silicon + Acrylic Water PIpes ( for those who are clumsy or just want a throw around bong).

Top 4 Bong Designs to Choose from?

Once you have an idea of what Material you want your bong to be, you can pick the designs. You can choose from Beaker, Straight Tube, Recycler and Heady Bongs. Although the beaker bongs are the most known by Smoke Connoisseurs, Straight tubes, Recyclers and Heady Water Bongs have some of the best Features for a perfect smoking sesh. For a daily driver, our Beaker Bongs or Straight Tube Bongs would be a top recommendation. Another recommendation would be the smoking recycler bongs (aka recyclers ) if you prefer a unique Scientific design with complete functionality that filters, cools, and preserves each hit for the best filtration & diffusion. Lastly, the Heady bongs are the top selection in glass art for both appearance and Quality, so if you're ready for the top water bong upgrade then heady bongs are where you should look.

Would you like a Perc (aka percolator)?

For the most part all bongs come with their own downstems and bowls. For the percolators, on the other hand, are added features that make a bong unique and functional. There are 3 ways to get a perc on your bong, one is that the bong already comes with its own attached perc. Second option, you can attach percs to the chamber if the water bong allows it. The third option, you can buy an ash catcher that comes with its own percolator. You can take 2 routes, you could either purchase a customizable bong that comes with removable percs or buy a bong that already has a pec attached and later you can adapt an ash catcher that includes a perc (it can be done with both routes).

Does bong Size matter?

Yes, all bongs come in different sizes that determine what features come with a bong. You can either get a smaller short bong standing between 4" - 8” tall, medium bongs at 9” to 15” Tall and Taller Bongs from 16” and above. The pros of a smaller bong is the portability, easier to handle and lower price. A step above is a medium water pipe, which offers better functionally and filtration with its percs at a great price. If you want a bong rip that puts you in the clouds, a taller bong over 16” will do. Even though bigger bongs offer the best smoking experience in terms of functionality, appearance, and quality, the smaller pipes have always been the first bong that everyone gets as the test phase. If you want to take it step by step, start with a smaller pipe otherwise go with either the medium bongs offering the best price and function or a taller bong that offers some of the best features, quality, and value.

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Bongs and Water Pipes

Stripped Glass Beaker Water Pipe 8"
This Stripped water pipe comes in a variety of different colors with a see through glass middle section....
Mini Bob Marley Beaker Bong 6.5"
The heat-resistant borosilicate glass is crafted into a beaker water pipe shape, allowing for generously sized hits thanks...
Double Bulge Mini Bob Marley Water Pipes 5.5"
These 5.5” Double Bulge Mini Bob Marley Water Pipes are a very convenient Mini pocket Water pipe for on...
Mini Honeycomb Base Water Pipe 5"
This super awesome honeycomb water pipe are practical and affordable. They're tall enough to allow the smoke to...
Rasta Beaker Water Pipe 8"
Single dome shaped percolator with 3 holes. 14mm Joint size. Round bottom percolator bong. Ice Catcher notches. Stripped...
Mini Matrix Perc Faberge Egg Bong
Pipe Mug
Nucleus Sherlock Coated W/ Color Glaze Dual Function: Coffee Mug And Hand Pipe Made Of Ceramic Microwave And...
8" Venturi Chamber Bong with Removable Downstem
Joint Size: 14mm female Height: 8 inches Nucleus Bong 3" 18mm To 14mm Downstem Includes 14mm Male Bowl...
Nano Puck Dab Rig with Inline Barrel Perc
Joint Size: 14mm male Height: 7 inches Smoknfly Dab Rig 14mm Female Dome And Nail Included Base Width:...
Three Piece Bong with Removable Downstems
Joint Size: 18mm female Height: 13 inches Smoknfly Bong Base Width: 3.5" Includes 18mm Male Bowl 6 Parts...
Double Matrix to Honeycomb Bong w/ Ice Catcher
Joint Size: 18mm female Height: 14.5 inches Smoknfly Bong Color Accents Includes 18mm Male Bowl Clear Glass Matrix...
Fabosphere Swiss to Matrix Perc Bong
Joint Size: 14mm female Height: 9.5 inches Smoknfly Bong Includes 14mm Male Bowl Base Width: 4" Clear Glass...
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