Beaker Dab Rigs

Beaker Dab Rigs

Beaker Rigs where the first types of designs that were quickly turned from a bong into a dab rig. Nonetheless, beaker dab rigs are still the classic option rite there with the Straight tube Dabbing Rigs. As you are aware of what dab rigs are, here are some Quick and easy  tips to help you pick the best Beaker Dab Rig for you or as a gift.

Step 1. What material would you like your beaker bong to be?

  • glass Beaker Dab Rigs is where you could find the most options with unique features and functions other materials don’t have.

  • For clumsy ones with glass, then silicon beaker Dab Rigs would be the best choice. These Dab Rigs are one of the newest dabbing gear pipe to sesh from.

Stpe 2. Choose a percolator aka perc (All percs work very similarly)

  • Matrix Perc -  has similar filtration as the tree perc and has a slight difference in the pull.

  • Tree Prec - Most known perc for beaker Dab Rigs & Oil Rigs

  • Turbine percolator - Also similar to the tree perc: the limbs on this perc offer multiple layers of filtration within each limb. Offers better diffusion then the tree perc

  • Spiral Percolator - The diffusion & filtration on this perc are not as good as the other percs but it does have the best appearance from the others. Although it doesn't offer the best diffusion it still offers a very smooth inhale with some added cool water.

  • Dab Rig Downstem - Downstems are used in every type of bong and it's the first layer of filtration.

Step 3. 2 Dab Rig Sizes:

  • Small Beaker Dab Rigs from 5“ - 8” Inches are the cheapest Beakers Online that offer portability & great function combined.

  • Medium Beaker Dab Rigs from 8” - 14” Inches can be expensive and affordable making this option the best if undecided. Possibilities are endless for medium dab rigs and also provide the best of the best savings, value and quality

Enjoy your smoknfly sesh, Cheers

Beaker Dab Rigs

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