What are the different types of glass pipes and bongs

The Spoon Pipe

What are glass spoon pipes? A spoon pipe is a pipe that is handheld

made from Low to high quality borosilicate glass that helps keep the full taste of your favorite spices.

A spoon pipe is one of the best in portability Category, As it has a deep bowl that allows you to pack more of your favorite tobacco and can fit in almost any pocket.

pipes come with their very own percs. the majority of them come with percs that make handling a hand pipe better for comfortness and grip as well as unique features such as the Percolator pipe that comes with a Water filtering perc.

These beautifully Green Spotted Spoon Pipe/s come with 3 percs, a 3d Sunflower perc, Single Bulge Perc and a left Carb perc for the best smoking experience. With 3 variations available, you will find the best design to suit your needs for a good smoking brake.

The Chillum

Chillums are another form of a smoking pipe except these are little guys. These are small glass pipes that are perfectly used for a quick smoking session weather its your 15 minute break or maybe your lunch break. These one hitter glass pipes are made with portability in mind which mean that they fit anywhere there’s a small space. Just because they are little doesn’t mean they suck. On the contrary, because the pipe is a straight tube the strength of the smoke will be stronger which in return will give you a better effect. Check out our collection of small Chillum pipes at smoknfly online headshop.

The SteamRoller

Steamrollers are thick glass pipes that pack a punch when you take a puff out of one off these. A steamroller is a hand full if the tolerance is not there and one of these can really knock you of off your feet. You use this pipe just like any other hand pipe. You pack your bowl with your favorite tobacco, light it up and your on your way to a nice experience. The unique thing about these glass pipes is that they all are customers with many different textured accents like strings, stripes, mini figurines and many more all made from high quality borosilicate materials. The materials used on these pipes are engineered to prevent premature cracking from excessive high heat temperatures. If you want a pipe that will last you a very long time then a steamroller is the rite fit for you. Go to smoknfly online headshop to get a great affordable price on steamrollers.


Bubblers are like water pipes where they are well known around the world the only difference would be size. Bubblers are a smaller version of a water pipe which offers difusion to cool the smoke and give you smoother smoking session. Bubblers can be carried anywhere you go without a problem, so if you like going to the beach, the mountains etc. then a bubbler is your best bet. There’s nothing wrong with owning a bubbler on top of a water pipe because at the end of the day you have all the options to fit the best occasion. Choose from coloured, fumed, and heady bubblers here at our smoknfly online headshop. A bubbler pipe can be a good fit for a beginner or even an enthusiast that loves to collect or simply likes the industry. Do keep in mind that a bubbler is going to be more easy to handle then a water pipe because of its size. Also bubbler water pipes will be on the more affordable side of things while giving you a straighter inhale that will have more strength. So check us out and if you need help reach out to us via Live Chat.


Oh the classic Sherlocks have been the most known hand pipe for ages now. This pipe here is nothing new, it’s been here since back in the days when tobacco was first introduced so there is no way that the glass industry was going to leave out the legend of the pipe world. What is very special about a glass sherlock pipe is the shape that is used to craft the design. Although it looks very nice and elegant, it also carries more benefits. See, the the bent neck shape was also created to avoid any eye brows or hair from getting.

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